Possession of Explosive or Incendiary Materials or Devices

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Please note that our attorneys get a criminal record cleaned or “expunged”; but we do not offer criminal defense at this time, so we do not handle the defense of charges for:

(f) POSSESSION OF EXPLOSIVE OR INCENDIARY MATERIALS OR DEVICES. –A person commits a felony of the third degree if he possesses, manufactures or transports any incendiary or explosive material with the intent to use or to provide such device or material to commit any offense described in subsection (a), (c) or (d).

At first reading, you may think that Section (f) allows you to be convicted for simply transporting any incendiary or explosive device, which his simply not true. The prosecution must also show that you also harbored an intent to use the material or device at the time you were transporting it. Simply moving dangerous substances from one place to another is not the crime that is being addressed here.

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