Reckless Burning or Exploding

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Please note that our attorneys get a criminal record cleaned or “expunged”; but we do not offer criminal defense at this time, so we do not handle the defense of charges for:

(d) RECKLESS BURNING OR EXPLODING.– A person commits a felony of the third degree if he intentionally starts a fire or causes an explosion, or if he aids, counsels, pays or agrees to pay another to cause a fire or explosion, whether on his own property or on that of another, and thereby recklessly:

(1) places an uninhabited building or unoccupied structure of another in danger of damage or destruction; or

(2) places any personal property of another having a value that exceeds $ 5,000 or if the property is an automobile, airplane, motorcycle, motorboat or other motor-propelled vehicle in danger of damage or destruction.

(D.1) DANGEROUS BURNING.– A person commits a summary offense if he intentionally or recklessly starts a fire to endanger any person or property of another whether or not any damage to person or property actually occurs.

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