Drug Crimes

Drug charges are a very serious matter in Pittsburgh and the whole of Pennsylvania. Conviction on a drug charge can affect your personal relationships, your schooling, your career, and can deprive you of your freedom. These are serious issues that require an experienced and aggressive attorney to guide you through the case and stand up for your interests.

Elliott & Davis attorneys offer both experience with the Pennsylvania criminal court system and a comprehensive knowledge of the law. We use this experience to defend our clients on both misdemeanor and felony drug charges, and at both the state and federal level. Our attorneys will give you a free consultation over the phone, then meet with you to assist you in both protecting your rights and moving forward with your case in the way that serves you best.

There are a wide array of drug crimes in Pennsylvania, including:

Drug possession

Possession of paraphernalia


Possession with Intent to Distribute

Production / manufacture / cultivation


Prescription fraud

Conspiracy of any of the above

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Below you will find links to information and the actual text of the Pennsylvania statutes specific to Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania.

Drug Crimes:

Drug Possession
Drug Trafficking